triple goddess challenge

Activate Your Triple Goddess Energy to Enhance Every Area of Your Life

The Triple Goddess is the Maiden, Mother and Crone aspect of the Divine Feminine. As women, we have access to these energies. They live within each of us, no matter our age or stage of life.

Join me + a group of high vibe soul sisters for this 3 Day Challenge to unlock these energies and start working with them to enhance every area of your life.

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Working with the Maiden, Mother & Crone

The maiden, mother and crone each have a unique and powerful energy. As archetypes, they help us to understand different aspects of ourselves and our inner goddess. We can call on and invoke their energies in our everyday lives, allowing us to flow with ease and grace in all situations and create more joy, abundance and clarity.

When we begin to access and use our own Triple Goddess energies, we become a powerhouse for manifestation, change and transformation. We become the conscious creators of our lives.

In this 3 Day Challenge, you will:

+ Learn all about the Triple Goddess and the Maiden, Mother and Crone archetypes

+ Build a connection with your own Triple Goddess, coming to know and understand your unique maiden, mother and crone aspects

+ Learn to work with, use and invoke the Triple Goddess energies in your everyday life

+ Gain a clear understanding of how your own Triple Goddess can help you to achieve your goals, dreams and desires

+ Begin to call upon your maiden, mother and crone aspects to bring the change and transformation you desire into different areas of your life


Join the free challenge for your chance to win a 90 minute Goddess Empowerment Session with me (valued at $249).

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The woman behind the challenge


Hi, I’m Bec!

I am a Goddess Coach for high vibe soul-centred women just like you – women who have heard the call of their inner goddess and are ready to step into their feminine power.

I love helping my clients become the conscious creators of their own lives, supporting them to step up and starting creating a life that sets their soul on fire.


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