Hey girl, I see you:

+ You want to live a more purposeful life, a life of passion, a life that sets your soul on fire… but you’re struggling to release old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back.


+ You’re reading all the books, attending all the workshops, doing all the homework… but you’ve been unable to create any true, lasting change in your life.


+ You want to come home to your authentic self and live a life of alignment… but you just can’t seem to shake those physical, mental and emotional blocks that are getting in your way.


+ You’ve heard the call of your inner goddess, you’re ready to step into your feminine power… but you don’t really know what that would even mean for you.

I’m here to tell you that you have all the power, magic and potential inside of you right now to answer the call of your inner goddess.

My mission is to help you unlock your potential, embrace your unique magic and step into your feminine power to create a life that sets your soul on fire.

Take a moment and picture this:

Imagine living a life that lights you up and speaks to your heart. A life of passion and purpose. A life that you have consciously created just for you and no one else.


Imagine being abundant and wealthy in every area of your life – money, relationships, health and happiness. You name it, you’ve got it.


Imagine feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. Strong in your raw, authentic, feminine power. You know your self worth and never settle for anything less.

This is all possible for you. What do you choose?

Do you stay stuck in old patterns and beliefs… or do you choose change and transformation?


It’s time to let go of your inner mean girl and step into your feminine power.

If you’re ready to answer the call of your inner goddess and create a life that sets your soul on fire… then keep scrolling, you’re in the right place.

As a goddess coach and energy healer, I help soul-centred women embrace their unique magic, awaken their wise wild woman within and create the life of their dreams.


I am here to support you on your journey.


Think of me as your own personal cheerleader for change and transformation.

bec cuzzillo goddess coach

Goddess Coaching:

Three Month Program

So you’re ready to invest in yourself and your soul journey?

Let me introduce you to my three month goddess coaching program.

Your personalised program will be tailored just for you.

I am here to support you with whatever your inner goddess is calling you to change and transform in your life.

To give you a bit of an idea, in this program you will:

+ Release patterns, behaviours, fears and limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past.


+ Find clarity, passion and purpose, and begin taking inspired action steps to realise your highest vision for your life.


+ Awaken to your inner goddess and embody your feminine power to rise up to your authentic, most radiant, spiritual and sensual self.


+ Learn to move out of struggle and into your feminine flow to feel calm, centred, energetic and more productive.


+ Uplift and elevate your mindset to allow unconditional love, abundance, joy, connection and wholeness (all the good stuff) to flow easily to you.


+ Dive deep into your shadow, healing any shame, guilt or pain that is holding you back from embracing your whole being and shining your light in the world.


+ Become the conscious creator of your own life, implementing manifestation techniques and tools to start creating the life of your dreams.


+ Learn to use the power of the divine feminine and sacred goddess to start living a life of alignment and balance, guided by your intuition.


+ Make lasting change that will see you step fully into your power and living a life that sets your soul on fire.

I’ll guide, support and hold space as you step fully into your feminine power and create a life that sets your soul on fire.

Here’s what you’ll get:

An Initial 90-Minute Goddess Intensive Session (via Skype or Zoom)

We kick off our time together with an intensive 90-minute session. We dive deep into your goals, getting crystal clear on what you want to change and transform in your life and what it will take to get you there. In this session, we will map out our key focus areas for the months ahead.

5x 60-Minute Goddess Coaching Sessions (via Skype or Zoom)

This is where the transformation happens. We’ll start each fortnightly session with an empowering goddess card reading before diving into bringing your goals and dreams to life. With a focus on actions and next steps, you will leave each session empowered to make it all happen.

Priority Email Support

Got a question in between sessions? Need a virtual high-five? You will have unlimited, priority email support for the three-month program.

Extra Resources & Tools

You’ll get any extra resources and tools to help and guide you in between sessions.

1x 30-Minute Follow Up Session

Use your follow up session within 2 months of completing the program to check in, celebrate your wins and get some extra support.

Your Investment:

$1200 AUD paid in full or 6 fortnightly payments of $200 AUD

Let’s begin

We’ll start with a complimentary 30 minute consult.

Some coaches call this a discovery call. I call this a heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul conversation, where we can chat through your goals and dreams, and get to see if we’re a good fit.


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