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Our Story

Song of Oya is an Angelic Reiki healing studio and small batch soy candle company based in Canberra, Australia.

We are all about you and your healing journey. With a down-to-earth approach to healing, we provide a safe and relaxed space to allow pure angelic energy to work it’s magic for our clients.

Our candles are inspired by our healing practice. Each candle is hand poured with love, care and healing energy in our home studio in Canberra. Through our candles, you can take a little healing magic home with you.

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Bec and Matt

Our Team

Meet Bec and Matt.

Bec is a certified Angelic Reiki healer, a passionate candle artisan and the ultimate #girlboss of Song of Oya. She is a creative feminist soul and strongly identifies with the strong and powerful feminine energy of Oya, Goddess of Change and Transformation.

Matt is the second half of the Song of Oya team. He makes candles, builds stuff (like our market tables) and can regularly be found manning our market stall on his own while Bec is somewhere else, probably eating food and talking to other stallholders.

Oya ArtworkOur Inspiration

Oya is the Goddess of Power, Transformation and Change.

She is a mother goddess and warrior queen, celebrated by the Yoruban people of West Africa. She is known to clear and guide the way for transformation, change and growth. Oya’s energy is the perfect fit for Angelic Reiki healing.

We invoke Oya’s energy to help clear obstacles for our clients, enabling them to let go of all things that no longer serve them and allowing the pure angelic healing energy to go to where it is most needed in the body.

Oya is also the inspiration for the first candle in our goddess range.