I’m Bec! I am the goddess coach, candle maker and all round #bosslady here at Song of Oya.


Oya is the Goddess of Change & Transformation. She is a mother goddess and warrior queen, known to clear and guide the way for transformation, change and growth.


And that’s what I’m all about – supporting soul-centred women who are ready to embrace change and transformation, who want to step into their feminine power and create a life that sets their soul on fire. I have a feeling you have been guided here because you are ready for your own transformation.



I am a woman of many varied passions – from female empowerment to interior design, travel to social justice, coffee, photography, indoor plants and candle magic, just to name a few.


My story isn’t perfect and my journey far from linear. I have always had a few things on the go at any one time – from volunteering and starting a blog while at uni, to studying interior design and building a business while working full-time. I thrive when I have multiple projects to focus on, when I am following my heart and nurturing all of my passions. It is what sets my soul on fire.

But living this way hasn’t always come naturally…

I used to lead from my head not my heart. I was always striving towards something more, living for the future – that ‘one day when…’ kind of living. I was paying little attention to what my intuition was telling me and rarely living in the moment. My feminine side was starved.


That was when I discovered the goddesses and welcomed goddess energy into my life with open arms. I softened into my feminine side and started consciously living from my heart. Leaning into my intuition, I started to listen to my body and live in the moment. My inner goddess awakened.

The divine feminine rose within me. I was awake and ready to follow my heart.

Now, after an eight year fulfilling career in social justice (and many side projects along the way), I am living my dream of incorporating my many passions into the work that I do.


Here at Song of Oya, I am a goddess coach, working with women who are ready to embrace change and transformation in their lives. I also get to have a bit of fun in the candle studio, creating soy candles and other handmade products inspired by healing magic. 


By embracing my feminine power, I have created a life that I love, a life that fills me up and makes me feel alive. And I want that for you too!


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